All Welcome Records was founded in 2011  by Felipe Navarro Delgadillo (aka) 'Sunny Mannn'. 

In 2012, Felipe's curiosity in sound recording landed him a runner position at the legendary 'Sound City Studios' in Van Nuys, California. Sound City had recently been acquired by Fairfax Recordings’ record producer Kevin Augunas. This was the birthplace of seminal albums such as Fleetwood Mac's, 'Rumors' and Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and many more. Felipe was mentored by engineers Gavin Paddock and Clif Norrell at Sound City. Here was where Felipe cultivated confidence in his craft as an engineer and learned what it takes to make great records. 

In 2013 Felipe designed and built-out his own recording facility located in the city of Inglewood, California. He then started offering recording services in his studio and slowly began to release his own productions as a record label. All Welcome Records has continued to develop as a growing independent record company and private recording studio.  

Rainbo Records, President Steve Sheldon offered Felipe a job in 2013.  The position was to help Rainbo Records and be their new Head of Quality Control Engineer. Felipe accepted the position at Rainbo and has since continued to develop skills in the art of vinyl record manufacturing. Rainbo is the oldest vinyl record manufacturing company in the world still in operation.