There was a time from the 1920’s - 1970’s when sound recording and reproduction revolved around a certain type of sacred ritual, it involved people working together. Recording engineers and record producers were inspired to create and capture a well documented musical performance. Production limitations were accepted as a fact of life, however recording engineers would work within these means in search of capturing the best musical performances possible. Musicians performed together live in a room with the help of music supervisors, audio engineers, record producers and music managers all equally listening for when those 'magic moments' might occur. This philosophy was shared and voiced by legendary studios such as Sun Studio, FAME, Muscle Shoals, Sound Studio,  Stax , Motown,  Gold Star Studios and Sound City. These were the studios driven to record rare magnetic live performances and they have been an inspiration to the development of All Welcome Records.                      


All Welcome Records came from humble beginnings where founder, Felipe Navarro Delgadillo (aka) 'Sunny Mannn,' would record and release DIY music for his friends. It became his dream to have an independent record label that would release it's own music productions. All Welcome Records was founded in 2011 and has since moved into a facility located in Inglewood, California. The studio space was once a school of ballet in the 1970s and remained unused until 2013. After his first visit to the vacant ballet school he knew immediately that the unique sound of the building was going to be the ideal space for him to make records. High ceilings and wood floors offer a distinct and beautiful reverberate sound. Since then, All Welcome Records has developed into a growing independent record company and recording studio that provides Audio Recording,  Audio Mixing,  Audio Mastering, Vinyl Record Pre-Mastering, Vinyl Record Manufacturing and Recording Artist Development services.


In 2012, Felipe's curiosity in records and sound recording landed him a runner position at the legendary 'Sound City Studios' in Van Nuys, California after it was recently acquired by Fairfax Recordings’ Kevin Augunas. This was the birthplace of seminal albums such as Fleetwood Mac's, 'Rumors' and Nirvana's 'Nevermind'. Felipe was mentored by engineers Gavin Paddock and Clif Norrel where he developed his craft as an engineer, learned how great records were made and cultivated an ear for seeking out the magic moments when recording. In 2013, Felipe was asked by Rainbo Records President, Steve Sheldon, to join the team as Chief Engineer of their vinyl records department.  He quickly developed highly specialized skills in the art of making phonograph records.


We’re just helping people make great records one day at a time.
— Sunny Mannn