photo: Spencer Aston    BUY NOW 

photo: Spencer Aston    BUY NOW 

'First Takes' Credits :
Recording Facility: All Welcome Records, Inglewood Ca
Camera - Samantha Gannon, Ian Sansavera, Ben Spink
Assistant Recording Engineer - Lazaro Zarate
Recording Engineer / Record Producer - Felipe Navarro Delgadillo (aka) Sunny Mannn
Audio Mixing / Audio Mastering - Matt Qualls / Felipe Navarro Delgadillo (aka) Sunny Mannn
Music Supervisor - Melissa Morfin

Documentary Footage/Editing: Taylor Moran
Additional Footage: Langston Nichols & Mellow Grass
Photography: Spencer Aston

Mellow Grass is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, comprised of Randy Yum (Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals), Kris Miller (Electric Guitar) and Langston Nichols (Drums).

The trio formed in 2016 and, with just a handful of original songs, made their way down the California coast on their first independently booked tour. As they headed south in their van, it was in the city of Santa Barbara that the group quickly harnessed their true audience. The college town welcomed them with open arms and they decided to temporarily settle in Isla Vista. This town became their artistic incubator and the place where they solidified their unapologetic sound, with performances in hundreds of house parties and local venues near the University of Santa Barbara. The chemistry between each member of the band is reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 70s, when invisible ties made artists inexplicable influential forces of culture. This is Mellow Grass, except it's 2017 and they’ve only just begun…

On October 9, 2016, Randy, Kris and Langston drove down to Inglewood, CA to meet with All Welcome Records founder Sunny Mannn. The band had booked a time as participants of an 'open mic' recording event that was being held at the All Welcome Records studio. After a quick introduction between the band and Sunny, the three piece began setting up for their session. The founder of All Welcome Records knew nothing about the ensemble, other than they seemed like really nice guys… but as soon as the red recording light was flicked on, their impromptu performance was nothing short of magic. The result: Sunny offered them a record deal on the spot. Shortly after, the band was booked for a live in-studio video shoot at the All Welcome Records studio, with independent video magazine Music Human, the brainchild of director Ben Spink.

On the morning of Saturday October 29, 2016, the band drove back to Inglewood, CA from Santa Barbara and laid down a live recording of two original songs. Both Ben and Sunny were so impressed with the resulting first takes that they decided to release a video document celebrating the making of a unique record. The short film, “First Takes,” was released by Music Human on
February 9, 2017. All Welcome Records and Music Human decided that the songs from “First Takes” also deserved to be on vinyl. A limited edition release of 100 random colored 12” vinyl records will be released in May 2017. Pre-order is now available through our Record Store.

For Mellow Grass the future is looking bright: they are scheduled to record their debut full length album in Autumn 2017 at All Welcome Records studio, with Sunny Mannn co-producing.