All Welcome Records is an independent record label with a private recording facility located in the city of Inglewood, California.  Production at All Welcome Records is usually for recording artists whom are signed to All Welcome Records however outside inquiries are accepted and reviewed.

As an independent record company we value the importance of comfortability when it is time to create.


What is the minimum amount of time we can book?
There is a minimum of 3 hours per session.

How much per hour?
$80 per hour

How much time do we get to set up off the clock?
Load in is expected 30 minutes before scheduled session.

Do we - the artists - get to own the copyright of our recordings?
Yes.  All sessions require form to be filled out.

How will we receive the material that was recorded?
A stereo mix-down will be sent to the artist after the balance for the session has been paid.

If decided can we have the songs mixed in studio?
Yes, an additional charge may be determined for mixing services if desired.

If we decided to take the individual session files or the recordings, can we do that?
Yes,  an additional charge may be determined if individual session audio files are desired.

How can we book?
For outside inquiries we require a demo of your music. After we have auditioned your demo we will contact you if we believe our studio is the right fit for you.  We do not open any attachments, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THOSE. We will be able to accept music links such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp etc…