Vinyl Record Pressing

At All Welcome Records we are proud to make and offer unparalleled quality vinyl pressing services. We provide custom short run and large run orders for our clients. Our clients range from independent artists to major label artists. 

Our approach for the process of making the best record pressings are like none other out there today. We fully acknowledge the importance of making the best records for our clients. We understand the underlying time and effort that our clients put into making these recordings come to life. This has made us the go-to record pressing company in today's high demand consumer market.

Our vinyl record services provide a one-on-one technical support system to give our clients the information on how to get best vinyl record pressing for their order. We take pride in being one of the only record companies that goes above and beyond to provide absolute monitoring on every step of the record manufacturing process.  Paying meticulous attention on every level to make the best record possible is our business and we are the only company to guarantee all of our product to our valued clients.  

Contact us to learn more about what makes our vinyl record services the best in the world.  

Make sure to also visit our vinyl pre-mastering services page for information on how to prepare your music for vinyl. 


***To place an order or request a custom quote please email
Tax will be charged on all orders unless a resale license is provided.  Shipping is not included in price. +10 or -10 % over/under cost may be applied.