Poliskitzo was a spanish hardcore punk rock band from Lennox, California, comprised of Gabe (Vocals, Electric Guitar), Elliot (Bass Guitar) and Eddie (Drums).

The three piece formed in 2009 and through the years developed a cult following in the Latino punk rock scene in Los Angeles. 

In 2013 Poliskitzo signed a record deal All Welcome Records. It was arranged for All Welcome Records founder Felipe Navarro Delgadillo to produce the record. Felipe and the group knew each other since meeting at Hawthorne High School in the early 2000s. The group released a limited edition 10” vinyl release titled ‘Armado Con Palabras” on All Welcome Records.

In a short lived turbulent tour of the U.S. thereafter to promote the record, Poliskitzo decided to disband in May of 2014.

Music Video Footage/Editing: Vince Esqueda, Anthony Woods