Stoll Vaughan - ‘The Conversation’


Stoll Vaughan - ‘The Conversation’


Stoll Vaughan - ‘The Conversation’

Limited Edition Blue and White 12" Starburst Vinyl
Label: All Welcome Records / Commonwealth Artist
Release Date: June. 29th 2018
Selection: AWR003

Stoll Vaughan decided to chose eight of the songs to make it on this debut 12” vinyl starburst record pressing he titled ‘The Conversation’.  Two of the songs on the record titled “I Was All Alone” and “Low Down” were produced by Sunny Mannn. 

These final mixes were done by David Leonard in Indiana. The prints were then taken to Mark Chalecki at Red Book Mastering. Once audio masters were done it was time for a lacquer to be cut from the audio masters by David Cheppa (aka) D.C. at Plush Vinyl.  The audio mix downs done at All Welcome Records in Inglewood were also mastered by D.C. before the main lacquers were made.

Once lacquers were done they were sent off to the vinyl manufacturing plant. Felipe got to oversee the whole process of the project at Rainbo Records during the manufacturing of these vinyl records. This is the first starburst pressing to be released on All Welcome Records.

'The Conversation' Credits :

Songs Performed and Written by: Stoll Vaughan

Recording Facility :  All Welcome Records, Inglewood California

Assistant Recording Engineer: Jaime Aguayo and Spencer Alarcon

Record Producer / Audio Mixing - Sunny Mannn

Additional Record Producers -

Carl Broemel, Nashville, Tennesse and Mike Wanchic, Bloomington, Indiana

Audio Mixing - David Leonard, Bloomington, Indiana

Audio Mastering -  Mark Chalecki at Red Book Mastering, Eagle Rock, California

Vinyl and Audio Mastering - David Cheppa (aka) D.C. at Plush Vinyl, Van Nuys, California

Record Cover Art - tête-à-tête

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