'Sunny Mannn' is the founder of All Welcome Records in Inglewood, CA. The sound for this project remains open ended with every release varying in styles of music. Sunny continues to break rules as a recording artist who follows his own interests in creating music.

On June 19th, 2019 Sunny releases his first 12” vinyl record pressing. The release titled ‘META’. The sounds for ‘META’ came from an idea he had to try and create a sense or peace and safety within what can seem as life’s constant chaos. Sunny had this idea when he had a conversation awhile ago with an artist called Miguel Atwood Ferguson here at All Welcome Records. It was important to for him to make this record instrumentally. He believes we all have an individual sense of chaos and peace, words would only hinder speaking to a more universal experience. Local musicians Marcos Hernandez (guitar) and John Montiel (drums) helped as additional session musicians. The whole album was improvisational and without edits.

On December 25th, 2018 Sunny released his second record called ‘SHINE’. The release was made available as a free stream on youtube and as a limited edition by order 10” dubplate. The concept behind the record was made as a dedication to his daughter.

The introduction for the 12 minute program includes John Duran of The Violet Mindfield playing the bass and piano. The record is in two parts and includes Jen Larsen playing drums on the last track.

'SHINE' Credits :
Songs Written by: Sunny Mannn
Recording Facility: All Welcome Records, Inglewood Ca
Recording Engineer: Sunny Mannn / Jen Larsen  
Record Producer: Sunny Mannn / John Duran / Jen Larsen
Audio Mixing: Sunny Mannn
Audio Mastering: Sunny Mannn
Dubplate Mastering: David Cheppa, Plush Mastering

Cover Art: Lilo Amaya Delgadillo

On May 4th, 2018 Sunny released 'CRY' as his debut record as a recording artist and record producer.

‘CRY’ is a 7" 45RPM single also features a second song he wrote and performed called 'She Says' on side 2.

‘Mannn’ wrote, arranged and produced both songs from the studio he built for All Welcome Records. He also plays most musical instruments for the recordings including drums, keys, piano, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals.

The program also features Los Angeles based recording artist  'Matt Kronish' on lead guitar for the introduction of 'CRY', as well as 'Kris Miller' of 'Mellow Grass' on lead guitar for both songs.

This record release is a collaboration with Real Time Vinyl, a boutique a la carte vinyl record cutting company housed within the All Welcome Records studio facility. The concept for RTV is to literally hand cut one record at a time per order.

’CRY’ vinyl release is now sold out.

'CRY' Credits :
Songs Written by: Sunny Mannn
Recording Facility: All Welcome Records, Inglewood Ca
Recording Engineer: Sunny Mannn  
Record Producer: Sunny Mannn
Audio Mixing: Sunny Mannn
Audio Mastering: Alex Vojdani - Real Time Vinyl