'Sunny Mannn' is the founder of All Welcome Records in Inglewood, CA.

'CRY' marks his debut release as a recording artist and record producer.

The 7" 45RPM single also features a second song he wrote and performed called 'She Says' on side 2.

‘Mannn’ wrote, arranged and produced both songs from the studio he built for All Welcome Records. He also plays most musical instruments for the recordings including drums, keys, piano, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals.

The program also features Los Angeles based recording artist  'Matt Kronish' on lead guitar for the introduction of 'CRY', as well as 'Kris Miller' of 'Mellow Grass' on lead guitar for both songs.

This record release is a collaboration with Real Time Vinyl, a boutique a la carte vinyl record cutting company housed within the All Welcome Records studio facility. The concept for RTV is to literally hand cut one record at a time per order.

The release will be available while supplies last.     

'CRY' Credits :
Songs Written by: Sunny Mannn
Recording Facility: All Welcome Records, Inglewood Ca
Recording Engineer: Sunny Mannn  
Record Producer: Sunny Mannn
Audio Mixing: Sunny Mannn
Audio Mastering: Alex Vojdani - Real Time Vinyl