Vinyl Pre-Mastering

Although we are witnessing a strong resurgence with vinyl records, we are noticing an alarming number of unhappy artists due to poor playback quality in their vinyl record reproduction.  

What is Vinyl Pre-Mastering?

A vinyl pre-master is an audio procedure that focusses on taming and/or enhancing audio frequencies before transferring into its analogous groove cut representation called a lacquer master. The lacquer master is then sent to the vinyl record manufacturing plant for the metal work to be made for the records to then be pressed.

Pre-Mastering is done to prevent problematic vinyl playback issues due to poor audio sourcing. it is important that a proper pre-master audio balance is executed to get the best record playback results. This is done before the finalized audio master is completed then sent to the cutting engineer to do the lacquer mastering. 

If you are in the final mixing stage with your project and ready for audio mastering,  we will be able to help you prep your final mix for a quality vinyl playback.  

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Current Vinyl Pre - Mastering deals:
(Prices Per Song)
• Songs 1 to 3 minutes long     = $25 per song
• Songs 3 to 5 minutes long    = $35 per song
• Songs 6 to 10 minutes long   = $45 per song
• Songs 10 to 15 minutes long  = $55 per song